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Season Brand Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salt Added Packaging Feature Image


1. Each 1/2-cup serving contains over 20g protein!    

All that protein will help keep you feeling full & satisfied.



2. They taste GREAT on avocado toast.

The rich flavor of sardines goes well with creamy avocado. Who knew?



3. Sardines can elevate your salad game.   

Top chopped romaine with sardines for a high-protein meal. Add cherry tomatoes and light vinaigrette, and lunch is served!



4. This simple snack hack is AWESOME!  

Combine sardines with Dijon mustard and light mayo; then mash and mix. Spoon that yummy stuff over whole-grain crackers.



5. Mix things up! Replace tuna with sardines in your favorite tuna salad recipe.   

Then scoop it into lettuce cups or make a melt. Mmmm…



6. They’re one of the BEST sources of omega-3s.

Those good-for-you fats have countless health benefits and are essential for heart health & brain function!