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To Fill your freezer with dole açaí bowls...

1. A Refreshing Blend of Açaí, Fruit & Granola.
The Brazilian berry is now more accessible than ever. Nutritious & delicious!


2. They’re so Convenient!

Keep a few in your freezer for an instant breakfast or mid-day snack.


3. Perfectly Portioned, No Guesswork.

210 – 230 calories per single-serve container, with just the right amount of each ingredient.


4. There’s a Protein-boosted Variety!

With protein crisps, almonds & almond butter, it delivers 5 grams of satisfying protein.


5. They’re an Affordable Alternative to Smoothie-shop Stops.

Forget over-priced açaí bowls and shakes made to order.


6. There are 6 – 7 Grams of Filling Fiber in Every Bowl.

That’s more fiber than 2 1/2 cups of broccoli (and these are much tastier)!