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Bush's Savory Beans 6 Tasty Ways Feature Image

To enjoy bush's savory beans...

1. Make a healthy burrito bowl!

Layer the Southwestern Style Pinto Beans with sautéed veggies, shredded chicken, salsa & light sour cream. So good!



2. Rice & beans done RIGHT.

Mix your favorite Savory Beans with cauliflower rice for a flavor-packed spin on the classic!



3. Breakfast tacos!

Fill warm corn tortillas with scrambled egg whites, your choice of Savory Beans, and a little hot sauce. Yum!



4. Elevate your franks & beans.

Southern Style White Beans + sliced chicken sausage = comfort food in minutes!



5. Lunch wrap SUPREME.

Roll up a whole-wheat tortilla with Black Bean Fiesta, turkey, mashed avocado, and veggies. Wow!



6. Bell pepper nachos!

Top halved mini peppers with your go-to flavor of Savory Beans and reduced-fat shredded cheese. Bake & enjoy!